Centro de Investigação em Camlot

In the midst of the modern times, lies a legend of a castle, where the world’s bravest top scholars, historians and researchers fight eager to unveil the existence of a once existing famous castle, involved in magic, where King Arthur and his Knights gathered around the Round Table, to defend Britain from the enemies. This castle was named Camelot.

The mythical scriptures tell us the word “Castle” is derived from the Latin word “Castellum”, which is a diminutive of the word “Castrum”, meaning “fortified place”, a walled structure located at a strategic site.

Thankfully, in our times we don’t need these kinds of fortified constructions anymore, but why not appreciate some other qualities adjacent to them?

Why not take advantage of the strategic position of the walls, being higher than the rest of the building, and use it as a contemplation place of the site? Why not turn the center of the structure to itself, in order to increase the reflection related to the research, just like King Arthur did when planning his war strategies with his knights?

Therefore we present a three part structure centered in the middle of the ruins of the old wall, respecting it, constituted by a research center, a museum and a wall, different from each other, but that, when combined form a whole. Form our interpretation of a modern castle.